Day 4: Reflections

Today we were introduced to Biosensors and the science and technology behind them. Dr. Desa taught us about the current evolution of Biosensors from large bulky machinery to smaller portable machines that can be used at bedside. He further reinforced the idea that in order for new products and innovations to be made bio-medical engineers must collaborate with people in other fields. We also learned about image diagnostics. Dr. Kriete explained the basis of diagnostic imaging specifically that of the lung. He taught us that more modern 3D images allowed surgeons to see what kind of an effect a surgery would have on a certain part of the lung. We later went to the Franklin Institute and visited the “Your Brain” exhibit. Through interactive activities and displays we gained a greater insight into how the brain carried out many of its functions such as transmitting neurons. We also learned that doctors and engineers are using electrodes to help people with neurological disorders, such as ALS, to stimulate the brain.


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